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What’s Reality to You?


A thought came into my mind in my last day at Phuket.

Three words to describe this short trip to Phuket: Spontaneous, Exciting, Fun.

SPONTANEOUS because of the last minute decision to go there which made me pay more on the airfare. (but who cares when you can use money to take trips and create memories.)

EXCITEMENT? In my opinion, it comes in every single travel I made so far. (no exception!)

And the FUN part? You know, Thailand’s nightlife, enough said. Becoming a bratpacker for a couple of nights was just what I needed.

As a trip ends, something will come into our mind.

“It’s time to go back to reality……”

Does that mean the memories of the trip didn’t happen at all? It never existed? 

Well, it feels like that but that’s the reality too!

That is why I take trips constantly, and slowly traveling has become a reality to me somehow.


I’m actually here to announce that I’m going back to the REALITY soon.

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