What I use?

Travel Resources

Travel resources is a page where I recommend resources that I use on my travels. These recommendations below has provided good information and helped me to travel cheaper, lighter and easier. Check out all of them and try it out and hopefully, you’ll get the same result as I do.   

Travel Guides

Lonely Planetlonelyplanet: Lonely Planet guide books are the best choice for me because it introduces a lot of attractions even in small places. The accommodations and restaurants are categorized from budget to luxury. It is best for all budget traveler and they have a series of shoestring’s guide.



wikitravelWikitravel: Free resources, information, and guides are available in Wikitravel. The information is very comprehensive and updated. Check out the ‘get in’ section for transportation in each city, it is very useful to me. Every handful information for last minute plan is just one click away.



tripadvisorTripadvisor: Use Tripadvisor for getting reviews of attractions and hotel/hostels, most reviews are genuine and trustable as they were written by customers. Apart from that, Tripadvisor has the ranking of hotels, things to do and restaurants that give a gist of where to sleep, what to do and where to eat. Free guides are available to download as well.


Finding Cheap Flights

Skyscannerskyscanner: The best flight search engine so far and it’s my all time favourite. I have booked most of my flights here and they always have the best deal. The best thing I like about this search engine is you can search from your current location to everywhere and it shows the cheapest destination to fly to.


skiplaggedSkiplaggedThis flight search engine is becoming popular recently because of its hidden-city fare which finds unusual connecting flight/time but could save you a whole bunch of money. Besides, it also suggests you the cheapest date flying based on your destination. 



Finding Accommodations

booking.comBooking.com: They have a lot of deals and all sorts of low price/discounted accommodations. Some of the places have ‘pay later’ policy and some will charge your card once you have booked.



hostelworldHostelworld: One of the best site to find backpacker’s hostel. Accommodations that can’t be found in Booking will be listed here. While booking, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable deposit and pay the rest when you show up at the place.



airbnbAirbnb: Looking to stay in a local home? Airbnb is the best choice for this, it is just like renting an apartment/room with certain utilities provided. Book your first Airbnb accommodation through this link to get RM88 ($20) off!



couchsurfingCouchsurfing: A community that loves to travel help each other by receiving guest at their home for free, they call it hosting and surfing. Couchsurfing is not only about that, there’s more to it like sharing time with the people and meeting up with local.



Travel Gears


north faceThe North Face Hot Shot Backpack: This is a 33 litres backpack with a compartment for a 13-inch laptop.The one I’m having is red/grey color, unfortunately, they don’t sell this color anymore.  I have been using this backpack from the beginning of my solo adventures and have been with me for every trip I made. (even for 7 months in South America!) It is easy to carry and I learned how to pack less and this is how I pack!   


Travel Gadgets

iPhone 6 (64GB)iphone6: I don’t own a camera and what I can invest is an all in one gadget which is iPhone 6. The camera is really good for capturing photos in the day and the filters are user-friendly. I got a 64GB because it’s mainly used for storing tons of travel photos!  



sonya1500Sony A5100: I borrowed and used this camera during my trip to Cambodia. The manual setting is not difficult to learn and what’s great about this camera is the 3-Inch flip up LCD where you can adjust the angle of the camera but not having difficulties looking at the screen. With Wi-Fi, you can connect and transfer photos easily.  Oh, and it’s good for selfie too. 🙂


goprohero3GoPro HERO3+:Silver Edition: GoPro is best for travelers especially when you’re gonna go for hiking or surfing. The durability of GoPro is very high and the major point is the wide angle which allows you to capture the most scenic view. Connect to Wi-Fi to take photos using your mobile phone and it is good for selfies as well. A million thanks to my uncle who lent me his GoPro for my 2015 Europe trip.