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That Not So Typical Holiday in Melaka


Melaka or Malacca?

It doesn’t matter. In fact, Melaka is the Malay word for the city and Malacca is the English word. The sudden thought of visiting Melaka really fascinates me as I haven’t come here in a while and it’s time to tick off my new year resolution. 

I’m satisfied with this holiday as I’d done a lot and see Melaka in a DIFFERENT way.


Melaka is one of the oldest city in Malaysia with a lot of cultural influence. It was one of the melting pot in South East Asia during the olden days. What’s more than staying in the old town of Melaka? Oh, that was the street where the hostel I stayed is located. 


Melaka is also famous for the origination of Peranakan(the Baba & Nyonya). It is a mixed culture of Chinese and Malay. The picture shown was the front door of the Baba & Nyonya Museum.IMG_5042

The Dutch colonial town.

A Dutch colonial town must not look anything less than this. Buildings were built along the river and often claimed as the Amsterdam of Malaysia. I especially like how the bars and restaurants located along this river and I couldn’t resist coming here for a couple of drink every evening.


No matter how many times visited the Dutch Square, it still fascinates me. Everything built here was dated back in the 18th century. 


Venturing off the beaten path in Melaka?

Certainly! My friends and I intended to search for the dessert-like beach at first. Despite walking under the hot sun, even though we didn’t manage to find the place but we ended up having a good view over there and people actually came here because we stopped our car here.


The Melaka-strait between Malaysia and Sumatra(Indonesia) was named after Melaka.

Well, obviously! 

Found a great spot to take a photo! Behind me is the Melaka-strait.


And the best place to see the sunset? 

It is just to my left where there’s a floating mosque. It is one of the beautiful things I’ve ever seen. This is the place for the professional photographers, though I’m not one of them but I like taking pictures too!


Food is part of travel, don’t you agree?

There is a certain food that you can’t find in the other parts of Malaysia other than Melaka. Most Chinese Malaysian come here for the chicken rice ball. (鸡饭粒)


The other is this popiah introduced by a friend. It is super delicious!

Warning! (the popiah contained a lot of crispy pork lard. (猪油渣)

Look how funny it is that they have a cardboard written “NO PHOTO“!

I took one while he wasn’t paying attention anyway. If I’m not mistaken it is located at Jalan Persiaran Bunga Raya. (It is a stall by the road side)

I have no idea what they want to be out of sight so bad.


Gula Melaka is brown sugar and is famously produced in Melaka. Putu Piring uses Gula Melaka as its ingredients. This is undeniably one of the best Putu Piring I’ve had.


Need something to quench your thirst?

Coconut shake! It can be easily found at the beach. Look! I couldn’t stop drinking the cooling coconut shake at Pantai Klebang and I paid for only RM2.5 (USD$0.50). Let’s order a few more.


That second picture ?

It’s Malaysian coffee! What I like about it is how saturated and strong they are. But you can taste coffee in another level while you’re in Melaka.


Probably, something like this?



That was taken in a coffee shop. I love how artsy Melaka has become!

This trip to Melaka really blew me away. I’m not sure if it has changed or I have not been visiting my country. 

Finally ticking off one new year resolution and I’m having an upcoming trip to another place in Malaysia! Follow me on facebook or twitter for more updates on the upcoming trip.  

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