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I Like the Year 2016

2016 was a long year for me, at the same time everything went too fast that I almost couldn’t pick up the pace. While we’re living in the world that’s moving fast, do not forget to enjoy what’s happening around us. So…. actually I had a resolution for 2016 if you are curious to know what were they, click here.

It’s funny to read the resolution you’ve made in the beginning of the year and see what’s done and what’s changed. I would say I managed to tick off some of them without realizing they were actually my 2016 resolutions. That’s life, you can never plan.

I’ve promised to write more about my previous grand South America trip and I failed to do so because there’s a lot of trip coming constantly and I hardly find time to write about it.

The other resolution that’s still on the list was “To see and touch the snow!” Okay, this is a little difficult……

SO what about the things I have done in 2016?

Firstly, I did some travel in Malaysia, whether in the city I live or other parts of the country. The unforgettable one was in Georgetown, Penang.

French is a language I wanted to pick up at the beginning of the year after my previous trip to France. In the end of 2016, I did not really improve my French. (But I have not forgotten what I’ve learned before, I just stopped there.) Instead, I started learning Thai. Despite coming to Thailand every year, it hasn’t captivated me until 2016. I have visited a lot of places (especially northern Thailand) and I really like this country, the people, the culture and how the Thai language, thus I started to learn Thai.

The last resolution was revisiting a country. If you haven’t known, the only two countries that I’m always dying to revisit are Spain and Mexico. I chose Spain! While surfing Skyscanner and trying to find the best deal, it happened to be Spain so I got a last minute ticket to there. I spent a great time staying in Barcelona and visited places around it. I would say that wasn’t a trip to Spain instead, it was a trip to Catalonia.

No new country this year but does it matter? I’m not gonna travel the world like what others do. Find what you like and where you would like to be and just go. So, Mexico, I’m really coming to you for sure. 🙂

Now I’m writing this post, I still haven’t had any resolutions yet, but who cares? Life can never be planned, so I will see how it goes.

2016 was a great and most fascinating year for me, I have grown a lot by traveling. Again, always never regret to buy “that” flight ticket.

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