How I Got My Fujifilm X100T

Photographs pause the moment. It captures the moment the photographer wanted and keeps every emotion inside. 

I have always wanted to have a digital camera but when the smartphones era came in, I got a smartphone with a good camera instead. During all these years of my travel, I’d been taking photographs using iPhone 4 to iPhone 6. I thought I wasn’t serious about photography but after all these years I don’t only like photography, I love them. I have just gotten myself really into it.

The good thing is it’s time to invest in a digital camera.

And the bad side is……..

NONE. Because I just really love it.

After some research, I’m gonna get a digital camera that’s suitable for amateur photographers to play around with photography manually. I’m also looking for a camera that could bring around easily because I don’t like to carry big mechanism while traveling. 

Earlier this year, I bought my very first digital camera, Fujifilm X100T. This camera has a 35mm fixed lens which is good enough for travel photography. 

After playing around with it for a few months, I’m totally in love with this camera and it’s definitely worth the price. I’ve been posting some of my photos onto my Instagram @travelingtaka, please check it out! 

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