5 Interesting Travelers You Have To Follow On Instagram


Traveling around the world is not something uncommon nowadays. With a little searching on Google, you could find tons of people traveling around the world. What makes these 5 travelers who traveling everywhere interesting? They all do something specific while traveling and I find it interesting to share this out as it amused me to see their updates on Instagram.  

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1. Pizza Around The World

Phil Duncan originally from Liverpool, England, has been traveling around the world eating pizza and had them photographed. He had been to over 30 countries in 5 continents and never failed to have pizza in each country. Check him out on Travel Slice, his blog writing tips on where to get the best pizzas around the world and some travel tips.

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2. Piano Around The World

Meet Dotan Negrin, a guy who travels around the world with his upright piano! He moves the piano across everywhere in the USA and Europe with him. Wherever he goes, he gives street performances, from under the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala. Check out his video feed on YouTube and his blog.

Hoppa!! Banana Nutella pancake breakfast on the back waters of Kerala.

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3. Pancake Around The World

Since 2014, Willem left Amsterdam and travel across the Middle East and Asia started in Turkey. He carries frying pan with him and has traveled to 38 countries and counting. He started Pancake Adventures and the purpose is to spread joy and pancakes around the world by making pancake for people around him. He sometimes organizes pancake party too, he might be visiting your country, catch his update on Twitter.

 4. Pipes Around The World

Ross OC Jennings brings the pride of Scotland by traveling around with bagpipes. He snaps Instagram’s photos with him wearing traditional Scottish dress and pose with his bagpipes in front of the city’s iconic building. He got invited for interview in some TV shows for his doing.  

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5. “Mom I’m Fine” Around The World

When you are gone for a long journey around the world, your family would worry about your safety and always want to get in touch to know that you’re safe especially your MOM!! Jonathan Quiñonez has his way to tells his mom that he’s fine, which is posting Instagrams with him holding a cardboard written “MOM I’M FINE”. Follow him on Instagram to catch up his hilarious photos!

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