5 Interesting Travelers You Have To Follow On Instagram

Traveling around the world is not something uncommon nowadays. With a little searching on Google, you could find tons of people traveling around the world. What makes these 5 travelers who traveling everywhere interesting? They all do something specific…


Liebster Award: Learn more about TakaTaka

Traveling TakaTaka have been nominated for a Liebster Award! It is so great that after I joined the blogging community and I made more friends and people starts to follow Traveling TakaTaka. Liebster Award is an award given by…

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How I celebrate Chap Goh Meh

How does a Malaysian celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year? We celebrate it differently because the largest Chinese ethnic group in Malaysia is Hokkien. The 15th day of Chinese New Year is called Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节). It…